Why you really shouldn’t spend a lot on a standing desk

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Everybody needs to be more healthy and reside longer, which may usually imply falling for traits that promise to make us leaner, more healthy and happier, whether or not it is a fad weight loss program or stylish exercise gear. Typically this even works, however as a rule these well being traits and merchandise find yourself having a kind of impartial impact on our well being. For instance, standing desks.

These desks, designed to help you work at a standing desk, have been a pattern for just a few years, impressed by research that warned of the many well being hazards concerned with sitting on his butt for hours at a time. And it is not simply sitting down that makes your desk so harmful: Working at a desk may cause different issues, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome both good quaint again ache.

So chances are high you have googled “standing desk” sooner or later within the final couple of years and thus skilled a shock, as a result of there are some very costly standing desks on the market (we’re it, Herman Miller Nevi Sit to Stand Desk, which prices greater than $1,000). The excellent news? Whereas there’s nothing improper with wanting a standing desk (or an adjustable sit-stand desk), its well being advantages are overstated, so do not want one. And you’ll undoubtedly get away with an excellent low cost answer if all you need to do is stretch your legs all through the day.

Few well being advantages

it is fairly good established that sitting all day is not good for you—perhaps even scale back your life expectancy Whereas scientists aren’t completely positive why this occurs, it’s best to undoubtedly attempt to sit much less when you work all day. However a standing desk will not assist a lot, as a result of subsequent research have proven one thing that actually ought to be apparent: standing shouldn’t be a type of train. Research have proven that you burn about 80 energy per hour when sitting and about 88 when standing, which isn’t a distinction sufficient to matter a lot. In the case of offsetting the hazards of sitting all day, do some mild exercise like strolling for 5 minutes each half hour. it’s way more efficient.

And being in your ft all day can really be unhealthy for you-research have proven that standing for hours will increase the danger of varicose veins, for instance, which in flip are related to elevated threat of arterial illness.

The underside line? Should you’re fascinated with shopping for a tall desk since you need to be more healthy and reside longer, you are losing your cash. You’d higher rise up twice an hour and transfer round.

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Let’s be clear: Simply because a standing desk does not essentially enhance your well being doesn’t suggest you should not have one if you need it. There are numerous explanation why a standing desk is likely to be match on your workplace. It might be extra comfy so that you can stand due to again ache or different issues, and a few folks could merely be happier standing whereas working. And you’ll mix a standing desk with a treadmill or different stationary train tools to train when you work, making it one thing of a minor god of effectivity.

However you will get all of these advantages with out spending a whole lot of {dollars}. The only perform of a tall desk is to raise your workspace comfortably, so you possibly can retrofit your current desk by utilizing a converter below $100or get a adjustable desk below $200. These will do precisely the identical job because the costlier options and supply precisely the identical well being advantages, which is to say only a few.

After all, if in case you have an costly look and the one standing desk that matches your workplace decor theme is $1,000, go for it. However when you’re simply wanting so as to add slightly flexibility to your work habits, you do not have to interrupt the financial institution.

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